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How to start your preparation for teaching abroad

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Wondering how you can develop your career by teaching abroad? You have landed at the right place. According to the reports posted by the British Council, about 1.75 billion people, in the year 2022, will be using and learning English. This implies that an English teacher or educator certified with a TEFL course has a greater chance to qualify for thousands of teaching English jobs in several countries around the world. Here in this article, we have mentioned 6 steps you need to follow to start teaching English abroad in the coming year.

  • Research the options and contact an expert advisor:

The first and most important step you need to undertake when considering teaching abroad is to conduct thorough research. First, download the detailed guide mentioning all the aspects of getting the teaching jobs abroad and TEFL certification. Compare the shortlisted countries based on different factors like salaries, visa requirements, cost of living, etc. Lastly, contact the TEFL advisor expert in providing necessary guidance about different options, the process of getting a TEFL certificate, and how teachers for international countries are recruited.

  • Figure out options for TEFL certification and countries for teaching abroad:

Any individual fluent in English and belonging to a non-native English-speaking country can teach English as a professional in an English-speaking country with the help of a TEFL certificate. When looking for different options for TEFL certification and countries where you can teach, there are some important points that are to be kept in the mind:

  1. What are the hiring requirements to teach in foreign countries and where can you be qualified to teach based on your educational background and other factors?
  2. Do you have any preferred country in your mind where you want to teach and live?
  3. How much money do you desire to make when teaching in a foreign country?
  4. Which TEFL certification is required for teaching in the particular country?

Once you have figured out your options, just move to the next step.

  • Enrol for the TEFL course and get certified:

In case you don’t have any TEFL or TESOL certificate, enrol in the course offering a TEFL certificate because it is what you need when planning to teach abroad. You might be thinking why it is so important to get TEFL certified? It is the TEFL course that provides the individual with the skills to become an efficient educator and also offers the qualification required to gain employment opportunities from multiple schools and colleges located all over the world.

In addition to this, there are several TEFL courses in the country offering Job Search Guidance. The advisors working with the institutes offering TEFL courses are professional and experienced. They very well know the eligibility criteria and recruitment procedures for the teachers in different countries. Enrolling in the renowned TEFL course can gain you a lucrative teaching job in an international country.

  • Start with your job-hunting process:

When it comes to how to get started for teaching abroad, the best way to increase your chances of landing a job in a foreign country is by looking for the job yourself. Shortly when you have enrolled in the TEFL course it is highly recommended to start with your job-hunting process. Although the TEFL expert advisors will guide you for the teacher hiring process and qualifications required in schools and colleges located in different countries, you should try searching for teaching job opportunities in different international countries yourself.

When pursuing the TEFL course you will receive the necessary assistance and training for the interview. Use the same training and apply it for the telephonic interviews with at least 4 to 6 schools a day. It is suggested to set up the interview in the hiring season to increase the chances of you getting hired. You never know when your hard work pays off and you land a perfect teaching job in your desired country.

  • Plan your travel and visa arrangements:

This step is to be taken after you have landed an offline teaching job in a foreign country. There are some countries that due to COVID-19 are offering online teaching to their students and thus, hiring educators for online teaching jobs abroad. In such a case, there is no requirement for you to plan for travel and visa arrangements. But, if you have been hired as a teacher who will be delivering offline lectures, then you will have to figure out your ways to apply for the working visa and look out for the options of your accomodation abroad.

There are some schools and colleges abroad that take care of the visa and staying options of their newly hired employees themselves. And in some other cases, you will be responsible for obtaining the job visa and figuring out your accommodation options. Now that COVID is going on, keep in mind to get a negative COVID test report when travelling abroad.

  • Arrive in the destination country and start your teaching career abroad:

One last resource you can opt for is moving to the destined country and pursuing the TEFL course right there and earning your TEFL certification overseas. Some countries prefer to hire the educators completing the TEFL course in their nation itself. While in others, you still have to prepare for the interviews, look for job opportunities, and line up a job locally after your arrival.

Wrapping up it all!

Teaching abroad is a great option for those who strive to increase their living standard by working and staying in an international country. Now that the demand for English teachers is growing tremendously in several countries, the chances of you getting a teaching job abroad are higher. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps and soon you will land a perfect teaching job in your preferred country. The bottom line is, the more you work hard and look for different job searching options, the more are the chances of securing a perfect teaching job abroad.