Important Facts About a grease gun

You’ve probably heard of a grease gun or know if you have machinery that needs to be lubricated on a regular basis. Grease guns have grown in popularity due to their ease of use. If you don’t already own a grease gun, this article will explain why you should.

There are several types of grease guns, including hand pumps, lever grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, and battery-powered grease guns. To choose the types of grease guns, you must first determine what type of grease gun you require.

The grease gun’s components include the lever, the trigger and handle, the barrel, the grease tube, the hydraulic coupler, the grease gun’s head, the filler nipple, the air release nipple, the spring, the follower rod, the follower handle, the plunger, and the flexible hose.

Below are the advantages of the grease gun;

It prevents waste

Grease guns help to reduce grease waste. The amount that needs to be put in the grease gun can be measured on the grease gun. It prevents excessive grease from escaping from the grease gun.


The grease gun ensures that all your machinery is lubricated so that machinery does not rust and last longer.

The grease gun is built using high-quality, durable materials. High-quality products tend to cost a bit more hence determining the grease gun price in Kenya.


Anything that helps save money is known to be economical. Grease guns fall into this category because they ensure you save a few coins by preventing constant repairs and ensuring all machinery lasts long because of lubrication.


If properly maintained, the grease gun can last a long time.

Speedand accuracy

A grease gun makes greasing quick and accurate.

There are a few things to look through when using a grease gun to ensure efficiency. First, never mix old grease and new grease. Make sure you do not mix grease oil because this will affect its longevity. Flush out any old grease oil before putting in a new one. You can use a vent plug to do this.

You should ensure you store grease guns correctly in a dry and cool place and a horizontal position, so the oil does not leak. If possible, purchase a grease gun clamp to make it easy to do this.

Always clean any spillages since spilt grease can become hazardous. It helps make the grease gun durable.

Mark all grease guns to make sure that you put the correct grease in the right grease gun. Do not use grease not made for it because it could cause bearing failure.

Lastly, when using a grease gun, always remember to wear gloves.

Thenotable disadvantage of the grease gun is that it quickly gets contaminated if not looked after. It is not a significant setback since it needs the user to be careful. The advantages outweigh the disadvantage.


To summarize, owning and using a grease gun does not require you to be a professional. It is simple to use. It’s an excellent investment because it saves you so much time.

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