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Unlike the previous two series, the CONTRAST SERIES LIBERTY 1B and 2B will be focused on action rather than drama. Although there are a few dramatic moments, these are not the main focus of the series. These characters have more depth and are easier to root for than the previous two series.

Capital 1b Wiggersventure Beat – Contrast Series

During this year’s Capital 1b Wiggersventure, I had the opportunity to hear about the Contrast Series of products and their future. I was able to learn about the company’s history, the key takeaways, and what the future looks like for the company.

The future of the company

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One of the companies using this technology is Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is using AI to develop new technology. They are also using machine learning to analyze their customers’ writing to determine what they want. This will allow AI to understand what customers are asking, and can be trained to respond accordingly. This will make Pizza Hut’s business more efficient, and it will also increase revenue.

Contrast has recently been expanding its footprint across the EMEA region. It has also joined the Linux Foundation. This partnership enables Contrast to further leverage its security observability offering and provides the company with additional flexibility to execute on strategic opportunities. The company is also experiencing rapid customer adoption in the APAC region. It is also joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Contrast’s software secures the world’s most valuable applications by enabling developers and IT teams to work together more effectively and efficiently. Its code security platform helps enterprises write secure applications faster, while also enabling application and development teams to innovate more rapidly.

About the company

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Founded by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsinghi, Contrast Security is a software platform that is designed to detect vulnerabilities in applications by embedding agents in the application’s runtime libraries, data layers and application servers. This approach offers developers a fast, easy and automated way to detect vulnerabilities in their code. It also increases developer efficiency and reduces time to market. With Contrast, customers such as AXA, BMW, DocuSign and Zurich have the confidence that their applications are secure.