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Obtaining Your Motorcycle License in North Carolina in 2022

All the riders begin from somewhere. Fortunately for you, obtaining a motorcycle license in North Carolina is not hard, even when you are completely new when it comes to motorcycling.

Apart from getting a motorcycle license, you will also need basic preparations, common sense, willingness to learn, and protective gear, just to name a few.

Motorcycle License Laws in North Carolina

According to Hardison & Cochran lawyers, a regular driver’s or full provisional license is needed in order to ride your motorcycle on every North Carolina road.

This means that you must have a license to operate motorcycles in the North Carolina state. Plus, you will need either a motorcycle endorsement or a valid motorcycle permit.

This law basically extends to every motor vehicle, which falls under the motorcycle’s definition. Mopeds in the state of North Carolina are not included.

Motorcycle Requirements in the State

After choosing a course, you will need to reach out to the state’s motorcycles department to determine whether you require an endorsement or a license.

Motorcycle licenses are the same as the driver’s license, though they are only meant for motorcycles. On the other hand, an endorsement is just an addition to the current driver’s license, enabling you to legally operate motorcycles and automobiles.

If your age falls between 16 and 18 years, you will need to consider applying for a learner’s permit. You must have signed content from your guardian or parent. You might as well need to:

  • Pass knowledge tests
  • Pass road sign tests
  • Pass vision tests

Pay $20

Applying for Motorcycle Endorsement/License

In order to get a motorcycle endorsement/license, you don’t just require a commercial/regular license, a full provisional license, and pass off-street motorcycle skills test & knowledge tests. You will also have to complete the application and visit the DMV office in North Carolina.

The Time It Takes to Obtain the License

When obtaining a motorcycle license in the state of North Carolina, you need to hold a learner’s permit for one year before getting a full motorcycle license.

In case you’re not yet ready to obtain this license after 12 months, you can consider renewing the learner’s permit to give yourself another six months so as to get prepared for the licensing tests.

Re-registering for Motorcycle License

You have the responsibility of renewing a motorcycle’s license each year and updating the plate registration stickers. Failure to do that, you risk paying hefty fines, and your motorcycle license can get suspended until you re-register.

Fortunately, you may re-register online or through the mail, unlike when you’re registering for the first time that needs you to go to the office in person.

For individuals bringing out-of-state registered motorcycles in the state of North Carolina, they will have one month from the time they move to begin the process of registration at the DMV office in the state.

The Bottom Line!

Whether you are stuck with motorcycle license registration or are involved in a motorcycle accident, you might want to consult a good lawyer.

The state of North Carolina has many competent attorneys who you can contact anytime you have matters related to motorcycle licensing or accidents.