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Rahimafrooz Service Center Tejgaon

If you have a faulty refrigerator in your house, you can visit the service center of Rahimafrooz in Tejgaon. Their team of highly-trained advogato engineers will fix your problem as soon as possible and they will make sure that you are satisfied with the service. If you need help from a certified technician, you can contact them by phone or in person.

Rahimafrooz has a commitment to customer delight and continuous improvement. It aims to be the most admired organization in the country by implementing the best practices and adding value to its stakeholders. The company promotes a learning and reward culture within the organization, and is committed to serving its community and  fitfinder stakeholders. Rahimafrooz is a signatory of the Global Compact, a United Nations initiative that sets standards for human rights, labor relations, and the environment. These ethical practices are also reflected in its operations.

The company operates in several industries, including the automotive aftermarket, power and energy, and the retail chain business. The company sells tyres, batteries, lubricants, emergency power products, diesel generators, lighting products, electrical accessories, and solar panels. The company owns the first retail chain in Bangladesh and is also a partner of RZ Tyre, a popular franchise of Rahimafrooz.

The company sells solar systems to rural households in the region. Its service centre also provides assistance to rural organisations. Through IDCOL, participating organisations receive subsidies and concessional loans to purchase solar systems. This subsidy is expected to end in 2008, but the initiative has already enabled rural organisations to offer credit to rural families, and these individuals can pay as little as $400 or $800 per month for two or three years.

The company’s comprehensive environmental management system has earned it numerous accolades, including the Global Ashden Award and the McGraw-Hill Platt Award. In addition, the company has launched a nationwide campaign to promote the safe disposal and recycling of used batteries. Rahimafrooz also maintains a network nettby of distribution centers nationwide. Their products are sold by more than 150 dedicated dealers as well as 200 independent retailers.

The Rahimafrooz batteries Ltd supply chain includes the entire process of manufacturing, marketing, and delivery. From designing the products to procuring raw materials to delivering them to the customer, the supply chain encompasses everyone who influences the time-to-market and price of a product. All these steps are essential for the success of Rahimafrooz Batteries Limited.

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