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What makes efficient tutoring? How to tutor?

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The relationship between a teacher and his or her student is quite significant. It impacts the student’s life and also develops a teacher’s credibility. So, it is a two-way relationship built on trust. Being a teacher is not an easy task. A tutor has a bundle of responsibilities to fulfill. So, if you are looking forward to starting teaching or returning to being a tutor, here are some of the best strategies to make tutoring efficient, rewarding, and productive for you and your students.

Honesty: Honesty helps you build trust and rapport; these two are the most important elements that will assist you in establishing a successful teaching relationship.

Flexibility: It will help you adjust to different approaches and techniques to meet the learning standard of your student. Every student is unique in their abilities, and a teacher must be flexible enough to fulfill the individual learning goals of every child.

Confidence: A good tutor must always be confident about himself or herself. For example, You were selected for certain qualities that made you a good teacher. But, if you lack the confidence to express your qualities, then how will you use them? If you are honest with your students, then how will you tell your students that? The attitude and confidence in your skills help you express your qualities.

Patience: A tutor must stay calm and positive in front of their students. Maybe a question seems easy for you but tricky for your student. Still, you need to be patient and give appropriate time to your kid. Try not to show annoyance in your actions, body language, or speech.

Good Listener – A good teacher is always a good listener. Try to create a relationship where the student is comfortable enough to share his or her future career plans, dreams, learning problems, etc., with you. Try to pick up the clues and ideas to help you understand how the student feels. Avoid forcing your opinions or dominating a conversation with your student.

Use all resources: A good tutor uses all the available resources to help solve the problems affecting their student’s performance. Not only this, but they also suggest the best online resources and platforms help students learn in the best way possible. For instance, if students face trouble finding course books online, tutors help them find websites like Z library to help them find and download eBooks conveniently.

Professionalism: Apart from discussing things related to child growth and learning, you should treat your student’s other information as confidential.

Share your experiences: You can share your experiences which may relieve the students when they are under stress. Sharing your lessons will help in building support, trust, and self-confidence.

Collaborate: A relationship between a teacher and a student is more than mere education; it is more like a partnership. You are not supposed to act as an instructor. Just let the child know that you are there for him or her to supplement his or her studies.

Help to learn: The ultimate role of a tutor is to help a student become a skilled and independent learner.

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