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Why is Star Craft not known as a beginner-friendly game?

Real-time strategy games have become a regular fixture in the video game industry. However, RTS titles like StarCraft are known as a game that is unfriendly to players’ skills. StarCraft might be overlooked because it is actually easier than most people think.

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StarCraft is a game that is centred around controlling many units to stifle the opponents’ resources. People who have not played the game just look at StarCraft as a difficult title due to the number of units that you have to control. However, it is actually easier than it looks with the tutorial that comes when you play the game.

The story campaign is a good test for new players because they can learn the basics of the game while playing the great story mode. You can also do this with their other RTS title Warcraft.

With that being said, StarCraft and similar RTS titles have grown into one of the most prolific games when it comes to strategy. There are other similar games but they do not have the quick style of play with StarCraft.

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What makes people think StarCraft is hard?

StarCraft is a game that needs micro-management. This means that one has to use these units well by using a good amount of key presses. The game requires a lot of presses on both the mouse and keyboard but if one keeps working on the basics, they will have a better time while playing the game.

If you are familiar with other games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, these titles have mechanics similar to StarCraft but they mostly use one unit compared to the RTS’ multiple units. However, Dota 2 has their fair share of ‘micro’ heroes with the use of units and StarCraft is a game filled with that mechanic.

There are some roadblocks with StarCraft because people might not be familiar with micro but it gets easier as time passes. They just have to keep playing the game but they can also watch videos online that have easy to digest info.

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Why people need to give StarCraft a chance

StarCraft is one of the games that needs more attention because it is still the best of the genre. The second iteration is the best RTS game in the market and people need to realize how important it is.

The modern games were influenced by the first StarCraft but the sequel has still held up a decade after release. It is not the hard game that people see. It is evident that the game has not drawn in new players because of the lack of proper updates but StarCraft is still a good door into the RTS genre.

There are more games other than the usual model of StarCraft and Warcraft in the genre which you can play. Games like Home world have become hits on the indie games scene and the world is anxiously waiting for a new RTS title from Blizzard as they are the number one dev for the genre.

Every gamer should at least try StarCraft and give it a chance because it is one of the best experiences that one can have. You can look at the quality of the game and how it becomes better as you become accustomed to how the game is played.

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