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Why you should consider succession planning while downsizing

Modern people are looking for an easier and simpler lifestyle and this is leading them to downsize their homes. Downsizing a home is a complicated process and succession planning can make it much easier especially for retirees.

Stress-free Experience

Succession planning enables you to downsize your home in a stress-free manner. Downsizing a home includes many tedious tasks like sorting the things out that you do not want to keep anymore. Then you will have to differentiate between what to donate or sell, or simply throw. Succession planning advisors have suitable resources to help their clients well in their downsizing process. If you are planning to downsize your home before moving then it will be easier for you to save money. You can look for the cheapest cross country movers at Pricing Van Lines after downsizing and you can save plenty of money.


Succession planning is a cost-effective way of downsizing your home. Succession planners can help you in sorting your household assets and thus will save money and time while downsizing. Engaging wealth advisors in your succession planning related to downsizing also creates new opportunities for others. The movement of assets and homes leads to job and income sources for people in various trades.

Tips on Downsizing

We have heard the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ many times but it is not the case in every situation. The modern generation is not really very interested in owning a big house; in fact, they like to keep it small. They prefer living a simple and easy life with no clutter around and absolutely no unused space. You can save a lot of money by downsizing your home and can move to a smaller home.

Though there can be many reasons behind downsizing, here we present some tips on the successful completion of otherwise tedious downsizing job:

Start Early

If you are planning to downsize your home, you are most likely to move to a smaller place so make sure you start your downsizing as early as possible. You should start the process at least a month before your move but as they say, the sooner the better. Consider sorting one room per day or you can group similar things that you want to take out.

Sort One Place at One Time

Do not just take out your whole house at once as this can be overwhelming. Try and break out the process into smaller tasks, for instance, sort one room at a time. You can even split the room into parts like take out one drawer and declutter it first and go on like this. Doing things in an organized manner will keep the process easy and achievable. Take out all unwanted things from the room including DVDs, shoes, and items from your junk drawer.

When de-cluttering the kitchen, it is wise to match up lids to containers and keep the unwanted and containers without the lid into the trash after sorting the whole kitchen.  It is most likely that you may find the lid of a particular container in another cabinet.

Measure Your Space

As you are downsizing your home, big and heavy furniture items will also be removed so it is wise to take measurements of your new bedroom and living area to understand what all can fit in there. Make sure you get rid of any furniture that will not fit into your new home. Don’t forget to take measurements of the doorways and hallways for the smoother transit of furniture. If you cannot move any particular item, it is wise to remove it from your list of movables.

Know Your Reason for Downsizing

The reasons for downsizing your home should be clear, for instance, if you are downsizing your home so that you can manage the house well or you simply want to de-clutter your house. Downsizing your home will allow you to change your overall lifestyle, so make sure you make the most of this opportunity. Ask yourself enough questions to know the reasons behind you downsizing the house. If you want to create more space for your family or you want to save money by moving to a smaller place that will be manageable too. Whatever are the reasons behind your move, make sure you get rid of things accordingly.

Stay Affirm on De-cluttering Rules

De-cluttering your home means removing anything and everything that doesn’t solve the purpose. There are some unsaid de-cluttering rules and you need to abide by them. Remove anything that you didn’t use in the last year. All undersized and oversized clothes should be taken out without any guilt. Take pictures of items with sentimental value and discard them too; don’t worry, you have pictures to keep the memories.

Make different piles for donations, selling, and trash. It is important to keep the item to the pile it belongs to in the beginning else you will find yourself sorting out the stuff all over again.